Santiago de Cuba – Anejo

While in Cuba, I was looking to try and take home something other than Havana Club, which ended up being more difficult than it sounds. I was limited to what they had in the small duty free shop in the Havana airport. Along with two different blends from Havana Club, I picked up this bottle of Santiago and a bottle of Legendario.

Santiago is widely available across the island, so my friend and I were able to pick up a small bottle our last night and sip authentic cuban rum under a stormy Havana sky.

  • Nation: Cuba
  • Color: Golden Amber
  • Aroma: Light citrus front with a caramel & roasted vanilla chaser. Alcohol burn ending.
  • Flavor: Smokey with a charred oak body.
  • Finish: Quick and mouth warming. Something a little tropical about it, but I can’t place it.
  • Notes: It will have a place in my heart as the rum I felt like a local drinking in Havana, but overall not impressive.
  • Grade: C

I do tastings with a wide mouth rocks glass with a slight taper because I like the way it feels in my hands. I start with 2oz, neat, then add an ice cube to bring out subtler flavors and aromas.