Rougaroux – Full Moon

Hailing from the Donner Peltier Distillery down in Thibodaux [TIBuh-doh] Louisiana, the Rougaroux family of rums are meant to be bold, with Full Moon being the full bodied monster of the family.

Deep in the heart of Southern Louisiana Cajun country lurks a mysterious creature called the Rougaroux®, (Roo-ga-roo). It lingers in the sugarcane fields, emerging only during the full moon to exact justice on the wicked. Because of their monster flavor, we chose this name for our rums. We start with pure black strap molasses and raw sugar grown and milled from a family owned farm just down the road from our distillery located in the middle of the cane fields in Thibodaux, Louisiana. Our Full Moon Dark Rum is aged on white oak for smoothness and flavor, with no extracts, caramel or artificial ingredients added.

The whiskey sipper’s rum.  Laid back, oaky, and mysterious, our premium dark rum speaks for itself without saying a word.  Sshhhh….you don’t want to wake the Rougaroux®….

  • Nation: Louisiana, USA
  • Color: Dark Amber
  • Aroma: Powdered sugar sweet with a little tart for balance and faint woody undertones.
  • Flavor: A quick burst of spice provides a good shock before the sweet body follows through.
  • Finish: A smooth black strap molasses finish leaves your mouth tingling and happy.
  • Notes: Clean but full-bodied. My only negative note, and it’s superficial at that, is that the bottle is taller than anything else on my shelf, and so ends up getting moved to the back.
  • Grade: B-

Find it Locally:

By the Bottle:

  • Matherne’s Supermarket
  • Martin’s Wine Cellar
  • Calandro’s Supermarket
  • Rouse’s Supermarket
  • Honestly, you can find it almost anywhere.

By the Glass:

  • Bin 77
  • Bistro Byrons
  • City Pork
  • The Rum House
  • Again, pretty much every decent bar has it on their shelves.

I do tastings with a wide mouth rocks glass with a slight taper because I like the way it feels in my hands. I start with 2oz, neat, then add an ice cube to bring out subtler flavors and aromas.