Starting an Infinity Bottle

Curious about “infinity bottles”? Have you ever even heard of one? They seem to have gained prominence sometime in 2012 after being mentioned on a youtube whiskey vlogger’s channel.

I discovered the idea when I was trying to learn more about home blending, or making your own “house bottle” of rum from a number of other bottles and styles of rum.

The idea behind the Infinity Bottle is simple, as bottles in your collection get low, and you end up with not enough left for a full drink, pour the remains into a single bottle. The result is a completely custom and unique bottle of rum that evolves over time with your tastes.

The concept of an IB grew on me, along with my collection growing on the counter. I like the no-pressure approach to blending. Some people track exactly how much they add and drink from their IB, but that seems exhausting and in my opinion, takes away some of the fun.

Anyway, here’s how my Infinity Bottle began.

2017-12-18 09.51.41 1.jpg
I started off with a mix of Flor de Cana 4 Years, Plantation Barbados 5 Years, and Appleton Estate Signature Blend. A little more Flor de Cana and a little less Plantation, but roughly 1 part each.
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I had originally planned to clean off and use the Plantation Bottle, since it was my favorite of the 3, but I decided to use a simple swig-top bottle I had in the cabinet instead.
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I poured them all together using a little funnel and gave it a little swirl to help them marry together.
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The blend ended up being a very intriguing and welcoming amber color.

My intention is to just mix everything together, gold, silver, and dark, and just have fun with it!

I don’t have any plans to taste it right away. I’m interested in adding a few more rums before I give it a try.

What do you think about Infinity Bottles? Cool? Weird? Gross? Leave a comment and let us know if you plan on trying it.

Running List of Rums in my Infinity Bottle: