Kicking Mule – Spiced Rum

Not my first Louisiana rum, but the first one I sat down to review. I picked it up off the shelf because I love the bottle. #beinghonest I was pleasantly surprized by the balance and enjoyed it as a mixer. I wouldn’t think twice about gifting it to a friend.

  • Nation: Louisiana, USA
  • Color: Clear Amber
  • Aroma: Candied fruit and caramelized sugar with a sharp smoky citrus finish.
  • Flavor: Caramel flows over the tongue with a smooth sweetness. Maybe a little nutty.
  • Finish: Pleasant slow burn all the way down.
  • Notes: Enjoyable experience that went quickly to my head. Makes a killer rum and coke.
  • Grade: C+

Find it Locally:

By the Bottle:

  • Matherne’s Supermarket
  • Martin’s Wine Cellar
  • Calandro’s Supermarket

By the Glass:

  • Bistro Byrons
  • City Pork
  • The Ice House
  • The Rum House

I do tastings with a wide mouth rocks glass with a slight taper because I like the way it feels in my hands. I start with 2oz, neat, then add an ice cube to bring out subtler flavors and aromas.