Bayou Saccharum was born from a place of necessity. Louisiana is home to the rebirth of American Rum with the first Rum Distillery opening up in New Orleans in 1995. Yet 20+ years later, and no one is out there talking about it. Sure, you’ve got the larger distillers, like Old New OrleansBayou, and Rougaroux, kicking ass and taking names, but it’s impossible to find information about the smaller distillers like River Road and Cane Land.

So, here we are, trying to fill the void!

Where did we get our name? Well, it’s pretty clever if we say so ourselves.

  • Louisiana is known as the Bayou State.
  • The scientific name for sugarcane is Saccharum officinarum

Pronounced: bahy-oo SAK-har-um

Rating System:

A: Remarkable!
B: Sip-able.
C: Mixable.
D: Drinkable.
F: Flammable.

All information found here has been researched to the best of our ability. Where applicable, information has come straight from the distilleries’ mouths.

Reviews and ratings are just our opinions. We are not professionals, just devoted fans sharing our journey through the unique family of Louisiana Rums. Please build your own collection, develop your pallet, & enjoy the process.

We are based out of Baton Rouge, Louisiana.