Old New Orleans – Cajun Spice

From the oldest distillery in the states, today I’m tasting Old New Orleans Cajun Spice rum. So far I’ve only tasted their Amber, and it was definitely interesting to say the least. With this rum, it is 2 for 2 so far for interesting rums. But read on, because you just might love this one.

Distillers Notes:

The Cajun Spice Rum is one of our most popular rums. Unlike many spiced rums, rather than creating a syrup and blending it into our rum, we take the popular baking spices: cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, cloves, ginger, vanilla, chicory and cayenne and create, essentially, a tea bag and steep our rum in the seasonings for 4-6 weeks. Producing a flavorful, but delicate bodied rum. This rum is really great in not only holiday cocktails, but in tiki-inspired cocktails.


  • Nation: Louisiana, USA
  • Color: Clear yellow gold, lighter that I would expect.
  • Aroma: Lowers my guard leading off with butterscotch but follows with a swift and brutal 1-2-3-4 punch of cinnamon, all spice, clove, and ginger.
  • Flavor: It will kick in your door and ransack your kitchen leaving crumbling pieces of ginger snaps and dry-wall all over your nice clean floor.
  • Finish: Thin and tingly, about what you would expect from a spicy baked good.
  • Notes: It’s damn spicy. Smoother than the Amber. If you like ginger snaps, you could probably drink this straight. However I hate ginger snaps! This is probably a fantastic mixer in all those holiday style cocktails. If you like ginger and cinnamon you will absolutely love this. If you hate those things, then you have no reason to ever buy this rum.
  • Rating: C+*

*Honestly, this could be anything. The rum itself is smooth and drinks well. I have friends who will only drink this rum. But if you just don’t like ginger (ME) then you just won’t like this.

Find it Locally:

By the Bottle:

  • Q Liquor
  • Martin’s Wine Cellar
  • Calandro’s Supermarket
  • Acquistapace’s Covington Supermarket
  • Old New Orleans doesn’t list any distributors online, but I feel like I’ve seen it at neighborhood grocery stores like Rouse’s.

By the Glass:

  • Olive or Twist
  • The Rum House
  • Again, nothing is listed online, but this is a pretty popular local rum and should be easy to get at your local watering hole.

I do tastings with a wide mouth rocks glass with a slight taper because I like the way it feels in my hands. I start with 2oz, neat, then add an ice cube to bring out subtler flavors and aromas.

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